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Most people are aware of the fact that moving can be an extremely stressful day, so let Fremantle Movers, one of the leading furniture removalists take the stress off your hands. It’s not luck that we have been the #1 furniture removalists in Perth for years. We have worked hard to earn the trust and loyalty of our clients. We will move your furniture and other belongings efficiently, promptly and professionally. No matter the distance, we are always ready to serve you 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Operating in Claremont, Cottesloe, Mosman Park and Perth, we are experts in cutting down costs of any moving operation.
Over the years, there has been a definitive growth in DIY moving. In this method, all one has to do is rent a truck and certain equipment to complete the move. When initially comparing the cost of this approach with hiring removalists, you find it a lot cheaper. Seems tempting and cheap, right? Well, DIY comes with certain problems like extended time taken and added costs. What’s more, relocating to a new place requires a lot of planning and careful execution which not everyone is capable of. Professional movers come in handy in such situations.

These additional costs may account for the fact that most people are not aware of how to lift and move furniture correctly; this often leads to injury and damage to your furniture. More often than not, your furniture won’t be covered properly in a DIY process which means that they will be extremely prone to damages while moving. You might have to incur the added cost of needing to repair and replace them altogether. On the other hand, if professional removalists like us do the job, we will be responsible for any damage during the whole process.

Then there is the case of moving precious and fragile items. Moving fragile items is undoubtedly one of the most difficult aspects of moving. The slightest bit of mistake or negligence can result in the loss of thousands of dollars worth of items. But such a scenario will never arise when you are dealing with professionals like us. We have highly experienced and trained professionals who are well aware of how to move fragile items without incurring any kind of damage to it.

We have always been proud of our energetic culture and industry best staff serving as the best furniture removalists in Perth. Compared to other removalists in Perth, Claremont, Cottesloe and Mosman Park, we have one of the lowest staff turnover rates. This means that when you hire us ,you will be getting professionals who are highly experienced and who love their job.

It’s not that our services as Perth furniture mover are just limited to moving furniture as we also offer container storage facilities. While moving, shortage of crates and boxes can happen which is where our storage container services can come in handy. In case you are renovating your houses and you want to keep your goods and furniture, we can provide you with containers of all sizes to store your items.
For us, it’s always been about prioritising the convenience of our clients charging an exorbitant price for our services has never been our forte which is precisely why we have always used a price plan which suits everyone’s budget. Just compare our prices with what others are offering and you will come to realise the amazing rates which we are offering our services at.

We have a very complex algorithm at Fremantle Movers to work out our pricing.

Men + wheels + time = cost.

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Fremantle Movers - Removalist Fremantle Prices


$130 inc GST/hour

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Fremantle Movers - Removalist Fremantle Prices


$150 inc GST/hour

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Fremantle Movers - Removalist Fremantle Prices


$170 inc GST/hour

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