Moving Checklist

Take a deep breath – the moving checklist is here to keep those stress levels low! Download and print our moving checklist to make sure you’re on track with your stress-free move with us.

 Download Checklist

Step 1. Book Us

Give us a call or drop us a message to book us for your special date. We’d love to help you move so we want to make sure we’re available for you when you need us.



Start finishing up opened packages of food and food in freezer. Dispose old food items past their used by date!


Sort through your garage/shed for any items that you want to keep. You can also pass your pre-loved goods to family or charities.


Chuck out any appliances that are old or broken – only keep the ones that you still want to use.



Organise any incoming mail with your new address.


Be sure to take extra care to keep important documents such as passports/birth certificates etc.

Personal Items

Put your personal items in a safe place such as jewellery.

Step 2. Prepare


Make sure someone is available to look after your pets on your moving day! You don’t want them to get in the way – trust us.


Organise any of your utilities bills such as gas, electricity, Foxtel, internet, phone etc.

Service Providers

Get in touch and change your details with any service providers such as banks, lawyers, insurance etc.

Step 3. Start Packing


Gather all the materials you need – boxes, bubble wrap, tape. If you need ideas – click here. We are happy to provide these for you!

Room by Room

Start packing room by room – we recommend tackling the largest room first..


Don’t forget to start labelling every box of the items that are in it! You will find that it makes the unpacking so much easier.

Step 4. Start Sorting

Big/Small Boxes

Pack lighter items in big boxes. Pack heavier items in smaller boxes.


Pack your essential items in one/couple of boxes so you don’t have to open up too many when you’re trying to settle in the new place.


Dismantle your furniture and keep all screws/bolts in a bag taped to the box.

Step 5. Big Day


Keep your important documents with you!

Switches Off

Turn off all the lights, gas, taps and electrical switches.

Lock Up

Double, triple check that you have everything and don’t forget to lock up.