Antique Furniture Shifting – Know How Professionals Can Make It Smooth

Are you ready to relocate but still worried about the safe removals of the antique furniture? Relocation has never been smooth for anyone. And when it comes to relocating the furniture, it becomes a painful, tiring and sweaty job. Seeking the support from a professional mover can make the shifting of your antique furniture an easy task.

The DIY process of removing might not suit your taste and can raise your brows. Then, why not to let the professionals do the job for you? Right from packing to the transportation of the antique furniture to the new destination, the experienced team of the packers are always ready to simplify the stress-provoking job to make it a gentle breeze.

antique furniture shifting

Safeguarding the antique pieces of the furniture is not only the concern of yours but also the responsibility of the furniture removalists of Perth. The best packer and mover companies ensure all the safety precautions that help in the safe relocation of your century-old furniture. The following are the approaches of the removal companies to ensure a safe removing-

The Companies Assess the Type of Furniture at First!

When you are wondering about all the possible ways that need to be adopted for a secured shifting, the removal companies keep themselves calm. The very first approach of the companies towards ensuring the safe removal of the furniture is they assess the type of antique furniture you have. They take into consideration about the size and the weight of the furniture. The assessment helps the professionals to come prepared for the packaging day.

In the assessment, the moving companies also consider grouping of the furniture according to size and fragility to save the space and ensure lessening of the possibilities of damage.

The Removalists Get It Packed Properly

Each of the items demands different packaging. For the smaller antique furniture like the bed tables or other any other wooden furnishings, placing them in a packaging box and securely padding them is one of the best ways to ensure safety from scratches, bruises or damage. Apart from this, if the surface is a fragile one, it needs to be appropriately labelled “FRAGILE” after proper padding ensuring the least movement or reckless handling.

Professionals Protect the Corner of the Furniture

The larger furniture needs proper handling. Furniture like the table tops or bed units are always bulky and heavy. The professionals during house removals in Perth cover the corners of the furniture to prevent breakage or damage during the transportation.

Companies Secure the Design

The antique furniture holds a great deal of carving. These are exquisite and a sign of the craftsmanship, lavish and the luxury lifestyle that your forefathers led. The removalists know the importance of each of these minute details and ensure that there is no damage being caused to these art forms. Wrapping the furniture studded with art forms with the bubble wrap, lamination films or the vacuum pouches help in securing the delicate wood carvings.


Antique furniture moving is never been an easy task. With the proper approach, the removing can become stress-free. It is for sure that a professional and reliable furniture removal company helps in executing the plan successfully. Moreover, they understand the real value of antiques for you and guard it with their risk insurance coverage.

Trust the professionals from Fremantle Movers to ensure that these valuables reach your new destination without a single scratch.

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