7 Tips to Be Followed When You Have To Pack & Move in Just 7 Days!

Things do not always comply with the plans! Does it? Especially, it happens when you are always moving to different cities all around Australia; you are required to take some decisions in hastiness regarding relocation. While a planned move doesn’t fall apart the unpredicted ones can be tricky.

Being smart, responsive to the challenges and giving all your efforts in the relocation process can, however, turn things into your favour. It’s just you have to double up your speed and make it happen for an emergency relocation, no matter what it takes. In the case you have only 7 days in your hand before you relocate, you can’t afford to waste any time. Jotting down the things to be done and coming up with an emergency plan is all you have to do.

Here are a few ground rules that you have to follow to make sure you can beat the challenges. Read on.


Well, at the very first stage, you need to calm down first. Tell yourself that you can make it through and you have all the chances in your hands to make it work. All you need is just a pen and paper along with half an hour to be on your way. So, believe in yourself, trust in your abilities to work fast.

Come up with a Quick Plan

Moving Plan

As soon as the realisation of moving out to a different place sinks in, you are required to start acting fast. Sit with a pen and a notebook to make a list of things that need to be relocated and that too in order. Make a routine of tasks that need to be done and divide those on an hourly basis so that you get bound by deadlines and are left with not much choice other than following those.

Fix The Move-Out Date FAST!

Fix the Moving Out Date

Once your planning is done, the first thing you have to do is to call up the professionals ASAP and fix the move out date. Remember that you are not left with much time, and there is no alternative date that you can follow. Therefore, tell us, the most reliable professional removalists in Perth, about your emergency situation as we are flexible enough to make it possible for you, even if we have any prior booking.

Food & Sleep – Don’t Compromise On These Two!

Food and Sleep

Well, no matter how much workload you are drowned into, you should never compromise on your daily need for food and sleep. Make sure your stomach is filled with its regular timing, and you are having at least 6 hours of sleep on a regular basis. Remember that inadequate rest and insufficient food consumption will make you tired quickly and you will not be able to remain energetic every day. However, you can get some quick recipes from the internet to make the food preparation quick.

Motor & Multitask


When you have to make it happen within a limited time, you have to adjust your brain for multitasking. It may be difficult to concentrate at first, but once you keep on doing it, you will get self-confidence and drive to motor and work fast. For instance, you can pack your kitchen essentials while preparing your lunch without moving too much.

Ask For Help From Friends

Ask Help from Friends

Consider it as the high time to seek the advice of your friends. Call them up and let them know regarding the situations that you are facing right now. Hopefully, they will understand and come over to your place for helping you out. It will surely quicken the pace of your work.

Label the Boxes Instantly

Label the Boxes

There is no room for mistakes when you are moving in such a hurry. Whenever you are doing any work, get it done immediately. Use the label tapes or a simple marker to mention the exact type of goods you have kept in a box. Finish it up and stack it aside and then move towards the next task.

Remember all you have to do is to sort out, pack, put it in the box and label it. All you got is to move fast, and there is nothing that can pose a challenge.

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