3 False Notions or Misinformation You Might Have Had About Movers

If you have already done relocation, you might be aware of how tricky it can be. If you are moving for the first time, you should be ready to face some challenges. Needless to say, you are basically shifting your entire life to a different place, so there’s bound to be some difficulties.

These difficulties can be reduced to a certain extent by seeking the help of professional Perth furniture mover, but what if you think that hiring such professionals is an unnecessary expense which you can do without?

Sounds strange, right? Well, it’s true, and the biggest reason is the misconceptions that people tend to believe about movers and moving in general.

Some of the false notions that are hindering homeowners’ chances of conducting a hassle-free move are:-

Assuming That They Can Move by Themselves

This is a very common issue where some homeowners think that they conduct the relocation by themselves, without taking any help from professionals. The truth is several statistics prove that most unsuccessful moves happen due to this assumption.

Assuming That House Owners Can Move by Themselves

If you have never moved before, this can be a serious issue because then, you will be unaware of how to proceed with things. Halfway down the planning, most homeowners find it overwhelming to handle everything on their own and regret the decision not to hire any help.

The Packing Can Be Left until the Day Prior to the Move

The biggest problem with this is that many homeowners end up with broken items and worse, forget to pack certain things. There are innumerable tips and tricks to pack your furniture efficiently which you can follow.

Packing Can Be Left until the Day Prior to the Move

Even if you don’t follow these tips and manage to pack everything, are you sure of finding your belongings, especially your valuables in one piece? More often than not, you will find that your glassware, chinaware and antique items have been damaged. The key here is the packing technique; you can’t just stuff everything in boxes and seal them off.

If you are packing efficiently, it will take you around 1.5-2 hours to pack a single room. Precisely for this reason, keeping enough time on hand is essential while packing to ensure that everything is intact when you after unpacking.

All Damaged Goods Will Be Compensated by the Insurance Company

If you assume that whatever belongings of yours are destroyed during a move will be compensated by the insurance companies, you are taking things far too literally. Just because the professional removalists you are hiring is insured doesn’t mean that they will be liable to pay for all damages.

Damaged Goods Compensated by Insurance Company

Each moving company is different from the other, and their insurance amount is also different. If you think that just because a mover pays up to 80% of the damages, doesn’t mean that others will too. Others might only pay 50% of the loss in damages. You will have to ask the mover beforehand about their insurance policies.

So these are some misinformation or notions you might have believed up until now. If you want your move to be smooth, clear these notions before proceeding.

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