Why the Summer of 2018 Will Be the Perfect Time for House Relocation

Finally, Australia is shinning all around as the summer is here!

Well, while most of the Aussies involve in merrymaking and rejoicing the summer holidays with family and friends, you can think differently. Has it been a long time since you have planned for house removal but could not relocate your house due to various issues? Now is the right time to rethink the option once again and go for the relocation without any second thought in mind.

Why a significant section of people consider summer to be the perfect time for movers in Perth? Well, the answer to this question will be quite clear for you by taking a closer look at the reasons.

Here are some of the reasons that you should undoubtedly count in your list for determining your decision.

Reason 1: The Weather Is Just Perfect for Summer!

There is no doubt about the fact that summer is the most favourable time of the entire year in Australia to be utilised for house relocation. With fewer chances of rain, you may not have to arrange for the weatherproofing packing supplies.

Weather is Perfect for Summer

Reason 2: Too Many Holidays!

You can utilise the summer holidays for the relocation without interrupting your work at the workplace. With so much spare time in hand during the holidays, you can do a comprehensive planning for the relocation and execute it peacefully. Thus, choosing summer as the time for relocation, your office leaves are saved.

Number of Holidays are Many

Reason 3: Selling Price of Your Old House Will Remain High!

If you consider the monetary issues too, this summer will come up to with golden opportunities. In the case you are about to sell off your old house before relocation, summer is the best time. The prices will be rising at a certain pace giving you a lot of chances to raise the selling price. Therefore, profits are on their way, and all you need to do is to grab the opportunity.

Selling of Old House

Reason 4: Children Will Get Involved in Packing

It is not only about your holidays, but the children will also remain free from the hectic schooling schedules. You can quickly ask them for small favours like labelling the packing boxes or packing their stuff by themselves without fail. It will keep them engaged in something productive and also mentally prepare them to relocate to a new place. Apart from that, your children will enjoy their time.

Children Involved in Packing

Reason 5: Season for Discounts & Offers!

Summer, being the season of festivities, brings in a lot of offers and discounts. You are going to get attractive discounts on the packing supplies and other essentials that are required for relocation. The stores may appear to be a little crowded, however, you can make it.

Discounts & Offers

You need to Book the Removalists in ADVANCE!

Well, a smart investor will not let go of the benefits that are there in the summer of 2018. Being the smart player, you must grab the chance too. All you need to do is to book the professionals associated with Perth house removals in advance as the professionals usually remain too busy during the season. Booking the professionals in advance will let you get the best services and be assured of choosing a perfect day for moving out to a new place this New Year.

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3 Things That Could Go Wrong On Your Moving Day & How to Counter It

Ever heard of the saying “Everything that can go wrong will go wrong”? Sounds discouraging and pessimistic, right? Well, if you have ever relocated to a new place, you’ll know that this is usually the case. You might have planned everything and hired the best professional furniture movers from Perth, but even then, there are many things that can go wrong during a move. Not everything will be in your control, and you can’t really predict anything with those things.

Thankfully, you can undertake certain steps or measures to prevent situations where everything goes against your plan. Here are some aspects and tips which you should keep in mind:-

Adverse Weather

You can never know what Mother Nature has in store for you. More often than not, when you least expect it, things will go haywire. It’s been sunny for last few days, and right on your moving day, it starts to rain heavily, or there is a blizzard which will make it impossible for your moving crew to transport your furniture.

Adverse Weather

If you have to move on that day itself, make sure to take necessary measures beforehand to protect your belongings from the adverse weather conditions. Make sure to stock a lot of waterproof plastic if the weather forecast says that it’s going to rain. You can use these plastics to wrap your fragile items and also electronic appliances along with your clothes.

The Movers Don’t Even Arrive

This is one of the worst things can go wrong during a move. You start planning for the move much in advance and research well, but when the moving day actually arrives, the movers don’t even show up. Your entire move hinges on these professionals and their absence at the last minute will surely affect the move.

The Movers Don't Even Arrive

To avoid such a scenario from arising, make sure that when you are hiring these movers, get them to sign a contract, mentioning the date and time where they will be coming to your house. Start calling them once a week, at least 2-3 weeks prior to the moving day and ensure that you remind them of it.

Your Furniture Doesn’t Fit Inside the Truck

You can have a great sunny day, you movers might come on time, but even then, things can go wrong while loading the furniture into the trucks. It may so happen that you have furniture that’s way too much for the truck. Obviously, you can still make the move, but the truck will have to make multiple trips which will invariably result in higher costs.

Furniture Doesn't Fit Inside the Truck

Precisely for this reason, it is very important that you ask the professional removalists to inspect your house at first and then suggest the kind of truck that is needed to transport your furniture to your new house.

So these are a few of the many things that can go wrong on the moving day. To avoid such circumstances from arising and ensuring that your move goes smoothly, it is imperative that your plan extensively about it well beforehand.

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3 False Notions or Misinformation You Might Have Had About Movers

If you have already done relocation, you might be aware of how tricky it can be. If you are moving for the first time, you should be ready to face some challenges. Needless to say, you are basically shifting your entire life to a different place, so there’s bound to be some difficulties.

These difficulties can be reduced to a certain extent by seeking the help of professional Perth furniture mover, but what if you think that hiring such professionals is an unnecessary expense which you can do without?

Sounds strange, right? Well, it’s true, and the biggest reason is the misconceptions that people tend to believe about movers and moving in general.

Some of the false notions that are hindering homeowners’ chances of conducting a hassle-free move are:-

Assuming That They Can Move by Themselves

This is a very common issue where some homeowners think that they conduct the relocation by themselves, without taking any help from professionals. The truth is several statistics prove that most unsuccessful moves happen due to this assumption.

Assuming That House Owners Can Move by Themselves

If you have never moved before, this can be a serious issue because then, you will be unaware of how to proceed with things. Halfway down the planning, most homeowners find it overwhelming to handle everything on their own and regret the decision not to hire any help.

The Packing Can Be Left until the Day Prior to the Move

The biggest problem with this is that many homeowners end up with broken items and worse, forget to pack certain things. There are innumerable tips and tricks to pack your furniture efficiently which you can follow.

Packing Can Be Left until the Day Prior to the Move

Even if you don’t follow these tips and manage to pack everything, are you sure of finding your belongings, especially your valuables in one piece? More often than not, you will find that your glassware, chinaware and antique items have been damaged. The key here is the packing technique; you can’t just stuff everything in boxes and seal them off.

If you are packing efficiently, it will take you around 1.5-2 hours to pack a single room. Precisely for this reason, keeping enough time on hand is essential while packing to ensure that everything is intact when you after unpacking.

All Damaged Goods Will Be Compensated by the Insurance Company

If you assume that whatever belongings of yours are destroyed during a move will be compensated by the insurance companies, you are taking things far too literally. Just because the professional removalists you are hiring is insured doesn’t mean that they will be liable to pay for all damages.

Damaged Goods Compensated by Insurance Company

Each moving company is different from the other, and their insurance amount is also different. If you think that just because a mover pays up to 80% of the damages, doesn’t mean that others will too. Others might only pay 50% of the loss in damages. You will have to ask the mover beforehand about their insurance policies.

So these are some misinformation or notions you might have believed up until now. If you want your move to be smooth, clear these notions before proceeding.

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5 Tips to Help You Relocate Easily With Pets in Tow

When it concerns moving with your family from one place to the other, it is a tiresome task. Even though you manage to get things in place by planning ahead of time and allowing the removalists to help you out with the entire move, your pets may not find all of this to be normal especially when they have been living in this house since the beginning of their time.

They aren’t humans, and thus their sense of attachment varies. They have these certain smells that they are acquainted with, and when you move to a new house, it may not be the same for them. There is the need to either make them acquainted beforehand or give them some time to adjust to the new environment.

Here are a few tips listed out that would make you equipped to move with ease even when you have pets as a part of your house.

Keep Them Aloof on the Day of Moving

Keep Them Aloof on the Day of Moving

When it comes to the final moving day, there is expected to be a lot of chaos where you, your family members as well as the furniture removalists in Perth would be busy hauling stuff. With all this, your pet may get anxious or probably aggressive. While all of this takes place, you could try caging them or probably confine them to a room where they can move around without having to stay in the cage for extended hours.

Take along All Essentials While You Travel to the New House

Take along All Essentials While You Travel to the New House

When you move to the new house, the journey can be difficult for your pet. To ensure that they are comfortable, there is the need to carry all the essentials that they are familiar with. Their bed, toys, utensils, etc. and any other things that they are acquainted with should be taken along. You are to also carry blankets, water, extra food, collar, first aid, etc. to keep them comfortable during emergencies.

Ensure That Your New House is Sealed and Protected Well

Ensure That Your New House is Sealed and Protected Well

If there is a garden at your new house, it is necessary that you fence the boundaries well so that your pets do not escape. Pet experts are known to agree that pets have this tendency to escape a place where they do not find any familiar smells. Even before you move in, there is the need to keep the area pet-proof while preventing escape.

Help Them with Food Treats

Help Them with Food Treats

When it comes to making them acquainted with the new place, you could start with making the house a Treasure Island. You could hide their special treats in different rooms while making them search for it by sniffing trails. This allows them to be acquainted with the house and you are to continue doing so unless they are fully familiar. You could then take the next step by doing the same in the garden.

Ensure That They Are Equipped with an Identity

Ensure That They Are Equipped with an Identity

The professionals for house removals in Perth agree that you could either embed your contact details on their collar or opt for micro-chipping where they can get identified if at all do they escape. Whether they are let loose or have been accompanied by a trusted person, they may escape at times, and when they have their identity details with them, they are easy to track.

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How to Move House with Children – Need 1 Suggestion? We Will Give You 15!

What happens after the decision of removal is made? Well, you get started with the planning, looking out for professionals to get the additional assistance with packing and moving. But, wait! What about your children? Have you thought about the issues you may face while moving your house with children roaming around?

It may not seem to be a great deal, but if given a close look on the issue, you will realise that the entire planning for relocation needs to be prepared to keep the problems with children in mind. However, there is no reason to despair. Our expert removalists in Perth can share some of the simplest tricks that you can apply for a smooth and hassle-free removal along with the children roaming around you.

Talk To Your Kids

There is nothing to hide. Instead, it is better to talk to the kids beforehand and let them know the things that are exactly going to happen next. Talk to them in advance no matter how old your kid is. Let them know why you are moving to a new place and what the steps are to move to a new location.

Arrange For a Babysitter

You will be busy starting from the packing to the final moving day. Therefore, make sure you appoint a babysitter beforehand who will take care of the tantrums and demands of your kids. Tell the babysitter about your routine and ask them to come to your home following a strict schedule.

Involve the Kids

Kids love to be included in the household works. They believe that they are getting some importance. Well, it is undoubtedly the best possible way to engage them in every step of the process and get the job done as well.

Involve the Kids

Prepare the Kids Beforehand

It will be difficult for the children to cope up with any immediate plan regarding the move. The children get deeply rooted in nature, neighbourhood and surrounding where they are spending their childhood and playing with friends. Detaching or planning to uproot them suddenly can also cause a psychological issue for them.

Habituate them with the moving process by letting them arrange the packing boxes and sleeping in the mattress while you disassemble the furniture.

Pack for Baby Food

There is no doubt about the fact that the moving day is going to be a long and tiring one. And when children are involved in the process, you have to make sure that their food is not skipped as they will turn cranky and disrupt the entire situation.

Store adequate food along with some candies and chocolates in a separate box so that the kids don’t have to refrain from enjoying food and you don’t have to be bothered about any additional arrangements.

Make Your Kid Familiar with the New Neighbourhood

As mentioned earlier, it is never easy for any kid to get accustomed to a new place right away. Therefore, you need to research and gather information beforehand to make sure your kid does not feel out of the place when shifted.

Make Your Kid Familiar with the New Neighbourhood

Engage your children in finding the community and new school websites during the time of packing so that they can remain enthusiastic about the new change and not feel left out.

Engage Kids in Planning For Decoration

There is no doubt about the fact that the process of moving does not end in going into the new home. Instead, decorating the new house appropriately is another challenging process. Well, why don’t let your children get involved in the decorating their room with proper planning? They will love to do it and lessen your work at the same time.

Throw a ‘Making a Move’ Party

It is not only about making your child comfortable in the new locality but also helping them to overcome the discomfort of leaving the old friends and ambience. You may not realise it but moving abruptly may leave a psychological impact on the child.

Therefore, throw a surprise party the day before you start the packing and invite of your kid’s friends. Getting the friends altogether at once and having fun will let your child a good memory when adjusting to the new place.

Explore the New Place Beforehand

In the case, you are moving to an entirely new city, a plan for exploring the new site beforehand will be an excellent idea. Stay in a local hotel and act like a tourist. Showing the kids the new places, especially amusement parks and any other area of interest, will make them fall in love with the new location. Well, you may have to bear some extra expenses for a visit. However, trust us on this; the effects of such a move will be great.

Explore the New Place Beforehand

Don’t Forget To Go For a Site Visit

Sometimes, researching is not enough. You are required to come with a plan where you can visit the location with your kid. Let your child know the neighbourhood in firsthand experience. Make them find out how far the children’s park or school from their new home is.

Let the Kids Pack Their Things

Instruct the children to arrange and pack their stuff like crayons, books and toys following a proper manner. In this process, you will be able to keep them busy and restrict them from making nuisances.

Let the Kids Pack Their Things

You Can Ask the Kids to Put Labels

Well, it will be a great help for you in the case you can involve your children in labelling the packing boxes. Of course, it can’t be possible if you have a toddler. However, any 5 years old child will love this idea to take out all the crayons in their box and show some creative skills on the packing boxes.

Don’t Throw Away Their Toys Marking as ‘Useless’

Kids remain attached to the toys as you get attached to your family members. Most of the children don’t even want to lose their old toys even when they have the new ones. Therefore, don’t force them to let go of any of their toys they are unwilling to leave behind just because you require a new packing box.

Don't Throw Away Their Toys Marking as Useless

Maintain the Daily Routine

The best way to ensure that nothing wrong or out of the box thing is happening is by maintaining the daily routine as it used to be before. For instance, if your kid needs to go to the soccer practice or art class on any particular day in between the week, make sure it does not get skipped. It will also prove to be an excellent involvement for your child during the move.

Take a Break from the Packing

Kids are free-spirited. Settling them for a single work for too long is difficult. Therefore, do not just command them while engaging them in the packing. Instead, keep one or two hours free from your schedule so that both of you can go outside and have an ice cream. It will also prove to be a quality time for you to take a break from the tedious schedule.

Take a Break from Packing


As you inform the kids about the moving day, make sure it does not seem like a serious business for them. Instead, it should sound like a fun-filled activity for them. Ask the professionals associated with moving furniture in Perth to get some more tips on this issue and make a move without any hassle.