The 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing for an Emergency Move

There may come a time when you have to prepare for an emergency relocation where you are instructed by your workplace management to resume work at a different location. Usually, a move is backed by a lot of planning where you are to make arrangements at the new house, let everyone know about your change of address, hire removalists in Perth to help you out, get your house cleaned before you leave, etc.

An emergency move gives you the shortest time to move where you are to do numerous tasks at once and ensure that each of them is done right. Not everyone can handle such pressure and thus end up making mistakes that make them repent later. If you have never faced such a situation, read along to be prepared.

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Mistake 1 – Wasting Time by Making Plans

If you have worked with deadlines at the office, you will relate to this well. Thinking of how to execute things with less time in hand can make waste the time instead. Therefore, the moment you get to know how much time you have left with you, start packing your belongings and simultaneously think of what to do next. This lets you multitask and not sit and ponder how to go about it. If you are confused, you could consider hiring removalists to help you, and when they know your urgency, they will help you accordingly.

Mistake 2 – Putting Everything in a Single Box

While the first thing that would come to anyone’s mind during such urgent situations is to dump all that you get your hands on in a single box. Well, that is not the solution to save time. You would need the same belongings when you reach your new house and watching all of them broken or misplaced would lead to a disaster. Therefore, making use of bubble wraps or probably separate boxes to store similar things is likely to make things easy for you when you pack them.

Mistake 3 – Planning to Do It All Alone

There are these times when you think that doing it yourself would make things quicker rather than letting family members or professionals for house removals in Perth helping you out. This is something wrong that people think of. You could allocate responsibilities to your family members where they take care of certain aspects while also involving the presence of removalists who would ensure that your belongings are packed well and so that they can be easily moved from this house to the other. Doing it alone would make you miss out on a lot of things, and that would make things worse.

Mistake 4 – Multitasking While Thinking All Would Be in Place

Unless you are a pro at it, multitasking is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are a lot of aspects involved with relocating and performing all of them at once may lead to missing out on important things. While you intend to accomplish all these tasks at the fastest possible time, you could try writing down all the chores that you have to undertake and complete them one by one and then watch everything fall to place.

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The 3 Common Myths Decoded that Surround Hiring House Removalists

When it comes to moving houses, it often tends to get stressful especially when you have been living in this house for years altogether, Right from packing each belonging in a perfect way to ensuring that you are leaving behind a clean house, there is a lot that goes on in your mind. The foremost advice that experts come up with when it is time to relocate is to make plans beforehand and not perform last minute running around.

Most people are known to hire removalists to help out with the relocation as it is often next to impossible especially with a family and a lot of things to relocate. While expert furniture removalists in Perth are trained professionals and are known to often help out with the entire process right from helping you box the belongings to finally taking it to your new house, they are the best people to be there beside you while you relocate.

If you are one of those who are new to relocation, you are likely to come across numerous myths and statements that may make you have multiple thoughts. We believe that clearing the air from the myths is a necessity.

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Myth 1 – I am relocating to the next neighbourhood, I don’t need proper packing

Well, no matter where you relocate to – local or interstate, there is this need to packing each and everything that you own in the best possible way. The need to pack them well lets you stay away from issues such as misplacement, chips, cracks, dents and the worst condition of breaking. Since it would be hauled to the moving truck and transported from one place to the other, there are chances of friction against other belongings and thus making you lose out on the precious belongings.

Myth 2 – Hiring the removalists before the relocation day would suffice

This is something that should be avoided completely as it is not always that reputed removalists keep themselves free to be booked for the next day. When you want professional services from their end, you wouldn’t want a team coming over and making the entire process a mess. To ensure that everything is on track and you have a stress free moving experience, you are to hire the best people, and you are to book their services beforehand. This would let them make plans accordingly and ensure that there is no rush on the final day.

Myth 3 – I am paying them, and I can instruct them with everything

If you have hired experts on house removals in Perth to help you with the entire relocation process, they are to make your work easy. They know what their duties are and since they have several years of experience up their sleeves, you do not have to instruct or supervise them all the time. The initial conveying of your plans and how you want things to be done would suffice, and they would take things ahead thereafter. Since they have helped numerous families to relocate in the past, they are aware of how things can be made easy for people, and that is what they would do with you as well.

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A Quick Guide to Pack and Move Beds and Mattresses While Relocation

When it comes to moving a mattress set you might discover to your utter surprise that moving a king size set is always easier than moving a queen size one. The box springs in king size are made from a couple of box springs that have been placed together – it is just that the king size mattress is placed on top over here. In this case you need to remove all the pillows and bedding from the mattress and then wrap them separately. As far as boxes of objects, which are prone to breaking rather easily, are concerned you could use linens and pillows since they would make for some great filler.

Sorting Among Bedrooms

When you are moving the items in your bedrooms the best thing you can do is call for professional help from a Perth furniture mover. However, you can also do a few things by yourself as well. This would include sorting among your bedrooms. It is always better to start off with the one that you use the least. Examples of such rooms would be the spare rooms and the guest rooms. It is here that you can store all your dismantled furniture and the packed boxes.

Ways to Move a Queen Size Mattress Set

It has been established already that it is quite hard to move the queen size mattresses. The major reason for this difficulty is that the box spring happens to be a one piece device. However, the job could be pulled without much difficulty whatsoever if two or more people were at it.

Once again, the first thing that you need to do here is strip away the pillows along with the linen. After this, the mattress needs to be put in a mattress bag and put away properly.

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Involving all the Members

The beauty of a large family is evident in cases such as these. You can always involve as many family members as may be possible in order to sort out, select, and, thus, make the process a lot simpler than before. As far as house removalists in Perth are concerned, this could be a great thing to do. Instead of overburdening them you can ask them to simply assume responsibility for their own rooms. For example, you can ask your kids to sort out their closets, dressers, and toy bins. They can easily make piles of what is important to them and what can be given or thrown away.

Ways to Move a Bed Frame

Once you have moved your box spring and mattress into the van that is being used for the purpose of moving comes the turn of the bed frame. The first thing that you need to do over here is disassemble said frame. It is always better if you document each and every step that you take in this case. The best thing to do will be to take photos of the same. You might even go for a video if you can. The whole hardware needs to be placed in a plastic bag and that bag needs to be taped to the largest part of the bed frame.

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A Quick Guide to Help You Avoid Injuries While Moving

And the day has finally arrived. It’s the day when you are supposed to shift to your new house and while you are battling all those emotions associated with leaving your old house and neighbourhood and settling into a new one, you are also equally aware of the practical demands of such an event (i.e. house removal).

Safety Tips while Moving: Are you Listening?

In the process of finding the best furniture removalists in Perth, supervising their work and finally settling into your new home, you hardly have time for yourself! While you are too busy thinking whether the goods will be moved safely or not, you perhaps are not paying attention to ways in which you can avoid injuries while you are moving.

You might as well have got the best professional removalists on board but you might as well be enthused to take part in the proceedings. So, there is actually no harm in keeping the safety tips in view.

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Now, there are some people who end up committing the monstrous gaffe of moving heavy furniture sets on their own. The reason? They do not really want to invest money in removalist services. It’s often found that only one or two members of the family is/are leading the move – without quite realising the fact that moving a house is too big an event to be handled by one or two people and from thereon starts the risk of injury.

Firstly you are laymen and are not aware of techniques employed by professional movers to avoid risks to furniture and the property itself. You might as well go overboard in your attempt to ensure that both the responsibilities are duly taken care of, i.e., try to make a quick move through the staircase with a heavy sofa set or else try to dodge a playful kid while moving a heavy almirah. Let us tell you that there is virtually a plethora of injury risks while you are moving. So, make sure you are not relying on a one man team (DIY here) but accessing services of credentialed professionals.

Plan your move ahead. You can do this even when you are hiring professionals. Take a day to literally map out the corners of your home in your mind. Which corners do you think will create troubles when the furniture sets are being moved? Which furniture mover from Perth have you hired? Make sure you are informing the movers about the “dicey” corners beforehand so that they are extra conscious.

Wrapping it Up…

Last but not the least – do keep a first aid box so that injuries like cuts or minor bruises can be immediately attended to. Pain balms or sprays, ointments and bandaids – if you don’t have these supplies present at home – already make sure that you are making arrangements for the same without delay. Make sure you have access to them when needed.

Please remember these safety tips while moving! Avoid unnecessary hassles with their help.

Wish you a safe moving experience!