4 Tips to Help an Empty Nester to Relocate with Ease

The process of downsizing for an empty nester can be interpreted as one of getting rid of items that have had immense value in your life – sentimental and otherwise. Once again time remains an important part of major decisions such as this. This is quite a big decision to say the least. So, there is no need at all to rush it. There is always a chance that you are in quite a stable position in life. As such, you should take time to weigh up all the options that you have as well as the positive and negative aspects of the same.

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Being realistic

It is important that you are realistic when you are moving home as an empty nester. For starters you should always call professional Perth removalists in order to do the job for you since you can be sure that you may not be able to handle it all by yourself. This is even more applicable when you are looking for a new house to settle into. You need to be realistic about the kind of lifestyle that you are going to lead in this new era. This could mean letting go of all the expensive and large furniture and possessions that you may have had once.


When you have sufficient time in your hand you can be able to perform one of the most important parts of downsizing for an empty nester – de-cluttering. You can take a measured approach of sorts to such an important task. Work such as this presents its own emotional challenges as you have to get rid of objects that you may have held dear for decades. They have been there with you when you were raising your kids and getting them ready for the big bad world out there. The biggest obstacle in this case is that they all have some memories that you may be attached to.

Planning your furniture layout before the move

Once you have decided that you are going to downside and move to a new home you might want to get on right away with de-cluttering and packing what you wish to keep. However, before you get started with the packing you need to decide the décor of your new home, the furniture you are going to keep over there, and how and where you are going to keep over there. You should also call in the best companies for your Perth house removals.

Some tips to keep in mind

You need to know and understand that the simple reason that you are downsizing should not mean that you should completely leave behind the life that you had been leading all this while. You are just moving to a new phase of your life – a new home that is supposed to suit your new lifestyle a lot better. This is why you would be better off going with a home that is located close enough to your family and friends. Also make sure that the house or flat has a guestroom.

The 4 Tasks That Most People Forget While Relocating Houses

The first thing that we tend to forget when we are moving is to throw together a moving day kit. This includes important things such as keys, first aid kits, prescription medicines, identification (ID) cards, cheque book, toiletries, bank cards, extra clothing, and tools. We also forget to defrost our fridge and clean it the day before we move. It is always better to turn the power off and water off the fridge by yourself before you finally go ahead with the movement. You should also take a photo of the final recordings before you leave. Also make sure to leave the electric garage door opener behind. Also, do employ a housewarming party for your friends once the moving of houses is complete.

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Letting your bank and utilities providers

It is also very important that before you move you should let your utilities providers and your bank know that you would be moving. You should also hire Perth removalists in order to make sure that your moving work goes off unhindered, without any problem whatsoever. This would make sure that they can cancel any service that they may have scheduled for you and the final bills can be sent across to your new address so that there are no unnecessary complications later on. You should also cancel services such as newspaper, gardening, cleaning, and pet grooming. Also think of any other local service provider whom you may have availed so as to avoid confusion and miscommunication.

Starting to pack early

It is always better start packing from as early as may be possible before the d-day finally arrives. You might think of packing that clock that your grandfather had collected back in 1963 on the moving day and till then keeping it on display. However, you can be sure that this would be much harder than packing it a few days back. It is also important to drain oil from the various mechanical tools such as lawn mowers.

Arranging packing materials

You might avail the help of professionals for Perth house removals but it does not mean that you would sit idle doing nothing at all. You should definitely arrange for packing materials like tape, bubble wrap, and boxes. Yes, it is true that they are professionals and would bring their own material. But some help from you would always be appreciated.

Performing bill-related chores

Quite often when people change homes they forget to return any video, library book, and DVD (digital video disc) that they may have borrowed from others. It is always easier if you are not changing towns when you move homes. But what happens when you are going to another town? It is then that such things can become problematic. You also need to make sure that the following are disconnected in advance:

  • electricity
  • gas
  • telephone
  • internet
  • pay TV
  • water

It is hardly likely to find anyone who would like a camping trip at the end of a hard day’s work.

3 Vital Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Movers

Yes, it all sounds pretty exciting, and all but have you considered how tough and time consuming the process is? Yes, we are talking about moving here, and most of you will agree that hiring professional movers in Perth is undoubtedly the best choice. But there are so many of these professionals in the market. Who do you hire? How do you know if the professionals you have hired are the right choice? These aren’t the only questions that need to be answered.

You’d be surprised to know that there are many moving companies these days that don’t even have a license, let alone have an office. Every year, new moving companies are popping up, but that doesn’t mean that the quality of such services is improving. On the contrary, most of these moving companies are being operated by untrained staff who have absolutely no idea about the proper techniques and aspects of relocation.

Precisely for this reason, it is imperative to make an informed choice regarding the kind of movers you are looking to hire. Ideally, you should always ask some questions to the professionals before hiring them.

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How many years of experience do you have? If so, in what kind of move?

First and foremost, you need to ask the professional about the years of experience they have in this field. This is very important as you will obviously not want to entrust your relocation on the hands of amateurs, right? Precisely for this reason, it’s imperative that you cross check their experience. One more thing that you need to ask is the kind of move they have experience in. For instance, some companies might have experience in office relocations while some in an office move. If you want to move houses and the company you are looking to hire deals in office relocations, there is no point in hiring them.

Do you have insurance?

Hiring a mover who doesn’t have insurance will be a huge mistake for you, be it a house or office move. What happens if they drop one of your antique furniture or misplace some belongings? Are you prepared to take it as your liability and incur the losses? Well, you have to if the professional mover doesn’t have any insurance. Precisely for this reason, always ask the company whether they are insured or not. This way, you can ensure that some of the losses will be covered by the mover.

Can you provide with references?

This is where you can easily distinguish between genuinely good and bad movers. Asking for references of prior clients is one of the best ways to determine the quality of the movers. Now, reputed companies will gladly provide you with the references. If you find the furniture removalists in Perth are hesitant in providing the references, you should look for an alternative.

These are some of the many questions that need to be asked to the mover before hiring them. Just make sure that you don’t make the decision to hire a company in haste.


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