How to Pack Efficiently During a Move?

For most people, moving can be one of the toughest things because not only are there a lot of stuff involved but there’s also stress that’s involved with it. Contrary to what you might believe, moving isn’t a simple task. If you want everything to go smoothly, you will need to properly plan everything well beforehand. Sure, hiring professionals for Cottesloe house removals will make your job much easier, but that’s not to say that you won’t have to worry about it anymore; it’s not the right way to think. To ensure that your moving process goes smoothly or you don’t end up risking your precious items, proper planning is essential.

Cottesloe House Removals

Cottesloe House Removals

Start well ahead

At least six weeks before the move, make sure to go through your belongings. This will give you a fair idea of the things which you use frequently and the ones you don’t. You can pack the things which you don’t necessarily use every day so that it will be much easier for you later on. Keep aside one box and store the things which you regularly need so that you can easily access them whenever you need.

Stock abundant packing supplies on time

Remember that you will need plenty of packing supplies. Irrespective of what the size of your house is, you will need plenty of packing supplies and boxes than you think. If your moving company isn’t providing the packing supplies, you can always get it from your local store.

Prepare an inventory

It’s essential that you have a comprehensive list of all the things which you are putting in each and every box. This will make it much easier for you when the time comes to unpack them. At first, when there are just a couple of boxes, this might seem totally unnecessary, but the number of boxes will increase once you start packing the whole house which will make it important to know which things are kept where.

Getting the right box sizes

When it comes to heavier items like canned food, books, etc., it is recommended that you pack them in smaller boxes. On the other hand, when it comes to lighter items, you should pack them in bigger boxes. In this way, you will ensure that you can carry the boxes easily.

Keep your personal items close

Never pack your passports, birth certificates, driving licence, or any other official documents as they can easily get lost, and when they do, most of them can be irreplaceable.

Be very careful with fragile items

Before packing fragile items, ensure that you insulate them. Contrary to what you might think, you won’t have to spend exorbitantly on this. Just wrap fragile items in clothing, towel, beddings or anything that you already have.

Moving isn’t that tricky if you have proper planning in place and capable removalists in Cottesloe to help you out.

Now that you know what to do before the movers arrive, it’s time to ascertain what you will do on the moving day itself.

The thing is, most people don’t even know what to expect on a moving day and have several questions on their mind. These questions usually include – what if the professional movers in Claremont break some of my fragile items? What if the weather is bad and we can’t perform the removals? What if the movers don’t even arrive at my house? Will the moving truck hold all my belongings? These questions are absolutely normal but just to be safe, it’s important to know what goes in and around the moving day.

Get Assistance from the Best Perth Removalists

First and foremost, it is of paramount importance that you pack everything up the evening before the moving day. The movers will most likely come early in the morning which is why you need to sleep early the day before. If the movers are coming at around 7am, you should get up an hour early and complete any last minute tasks.

Inform your neighbours well beforehand about the moving day so that they don’t park their car near your house and block the space in the parking lot for the moving van. If in any case there are other cars, call up your neighbours and ask them to move their cars as soon as possible.

It’s necessary to follow the instructions of the movers after they arrive. If you do decide to help them out, make sure that don’t end up injuring yourself. If you have children or pets, make sure that they are kept away from the action. If you have already packed and labelled the boxes, you don’t need to worry much; just let the movers do their job.

After all your belongings have been loaded in the truck, make sure that you check your house, garage and basement for one last time to ensure that you don’t leave anything behind. Keep all the necessary documents with you and you can start your journey to your new house.

It will be easier for you to oversee the whole process if you arrive at your new location before the moving truck. This way, you can check the inventory and ensure that all your belongings have arrived safely after unloading it from the truck. Sure, it won’t be possible for you to search each and every box but try to do as much as you can. If something is missing or is broken, you can simply ask the chosen removalists in Claremont to pay for such damages.

Needless to say, the moving day will be a long and tiring one but as long as you stay focused and calm on the tasks at hand, you will be able to perform the move without any problems. Hiring good professionals for the job is undoubtedly the most important aspect here.

The Need for Storage Units and Why They Are Beneficial

With the development in the urban areas and the increase in population, there is a dearth of living spaces leave alone storage areas. People have restricted their lifestyle and have started getting confined to houses that are made in a way to accommodate only the essentials and nothing grand. To store belongings, people are known to avail store rooms on rent or probably make space in their garage or the attic.

When things are left unattended, it tends to get damaged either due to the effects of the weather or with pest infestation. Professionals for household removals and storage in Perth agree that this is a problem faced by several in the urban areas and that is the reason why businesses are dedicating themselves to helping people store belongings in the safest possible way.  With storage units to the aid, there are several who come to peoples’ rescue and ensure that no matter what type of goods there are, things would remain safe just as it would be without damage.

Perth Removalists

Perth Removalists

While you come across several names who promise the right help, you may always be confused about choosing their services or hiring a store room to dump things in them. Here is a quick guide to help you through and convince you well.

  • Your belongings are always monitored – As it is their business to help people store things, they are known to ensure that you have a storage unit to yourself that is constantly monitored. With physical security as well as security cameras and alarm systems installed in the right places, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and secured. They are also known to come up with provisions for bright lighting that is likely to keep miscreants at bay. With graded locked storage units, it is only you who can access your belongings.
  • There are managers on site – Their duty to provide you with storage units don’t end the moment you shift your belongings. They are known to delegate managers, site personnel and professional removalists in Perth who would ensure that your belongings are in good condition and also help you whenever you are in need of help to store or remove things. You may find the need for forklifts or raised platforms to store goods such as motorbikes or bicycles or any such heavy object, and this is when these managers come to your aid.
  • A clean and hygienic environment – They are known to conduct cleanliness drives frequently where the common areas, as well as the areas where the goods are stored, are cleaned by experts. This ensures that there is hygiene maintained and your belongings are safe and secured. While such cleanliness measures are taken, you get to access the storage unit easily along with keeping mould or fungi formation at bay. The maintenance costs are often included in the fees that they charge from you to store your belongings.

•    A pest free environment – Most household belongings are known to be attacked by pests such as termites, ant and at times rats. Storing unused furniture and old books can now be easy where the authorities ensure that the storage units are pest-free and there is no chance of infestation whatsoever.

With the concept of such self-storage options being a part of the lives of several in the urban areas, it is not just limited to those who find the need to store their extra belongings due to the dearth of space. Self-storage boxes are known to be confined to protected places where ample security measures are taken especially because of the worth of the belongings that people store.

It is often that people store belongings that are expensive or precious and to keep their business name, they ensure that the boxes are under surveillance round the clock and protected well. There are several others who find the need for such self-storage and given the benefits that it has (as already discussed). Here are the times when you can make optimal use of storage areas and keep your belongings safe.

When you are good at collecting items

It may be a hobby or a simple habit of finding anything and everything around you important. It may be your grandfather’s old pipe or your father’s football medal that you find precious but do not want to display them at home. It is often known to add to the clutter of the house. Even the best Perth Furniture mover would agree that when you have such collectables in your possession, you can always make use of the self-storage containers that would let you keep them as long as you want in return for a certain amount of money in return. It would also ensure that these precious items aren’t misplaced or stolen.

Perth Furniture mover

When you intend to sell your house

When you have planned to sell off your house and put out advertisements for people to come over and have a look at the house that you own, they would want to see a house that is spacious and clutter-free. When there are belongings such as furniture, boxes, etc. strewn about the house, it would in no way lure the customer to want to make a purchase. While you store the extra furniture that doesn’t come to use daily at these self-storage units, you are likely to find your house looking spacious for people to find interest in it.

When you aren’t at home

There are those few weeks in a year that you intend to move out on vacation with your family but often cannot do so with the fear of your house being ransacked in your absence. With the services of the self-storage units by the Cottesloe Removalists, you can always store the expensive goods such as electrical appliances, jewellery, etc. and also put out the services of letting out your house on rentals for someone else to come over and stay. This would not just make you earn some extra bucks but also keep the belongings safe.

Family disputes

It may be a feud with the members of the family over legal issues or probably a divorce with your spouse, you may have to shift your personal belongings until you find a permanent place to stay. During such times, self-storage units can come to your rescue where you get to keep your belongings safe while you look for a house for yourself.

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The Job of Furniture Movers in Perth – A Detailed Overview

What does a furniture mover do? Yes, as the name suggests, they do move and remove furniture. But to consider this as their only function would be a huge fallacy. Most furniture movers you have ever seen working or have heard about are employees of moving and storage companies, as well as Perth budget removalists. This gives testament to the fact that furniture movers are responsible for dealing with not only furniture but appliances, moving boxes and various other things involved with moving and removals. You might have seen a lot of freelance furniture movers on classified websites, offering their “expert” moving services to those in need. But these freelance movers only move your belongings from one floor to another, or from your house till the moving truck. That is the total extent of their responsibilities.

Reliable furniture movers in Perth

But when your work with reliable furniture movers in Perth, who are associated with a moving company of some repute, you will see that their job responsibilities include

  • Creating an inventory of items to be packed
  • Packing all your belongings in the most secure and efficient way
  • Loading all your packed belongings in one or many moving trucks
  • Driving the truck to your new home or business location
  • Unloading all items in the back of the trucks
  • Carrying them inside the premises
  • Unpacking them as efficiently as possible

The above list sums up the basic job responsibilities of a furniture mover. But if you think for a second that the job of affordable removalists in Perth is easy, and anyone can do it, you would be sadly mistaken. Let us now take an in-depth look what a furniture mover usually does for you:

  • The job of a furniture mover or furniture removalist involves a lot of heavy lifting, being focused and on their feet at all times, and the added pressure of taking care of every item they pack, unpack, load or unload. Punctuality is also a big worry for all furniture movers. You might ask WHY, but in all honesty, the answer is so simple that you did not even have to ask the question.
  • Whenever you hire the services of furniture movers, you sign a service contract with them. This service contract includes some terms and conditions, one of them being the time frame within which your belongings will be delivered from your old home to the new one.
  • Now if a furniture mover does not stick to a fixed schedule, he will end up compromising his punctuality, which would legally mean a breach of contract. Any client or customer can easily file for a refund if there is a delay of even 15 minutes. So, to avoid such issues, furniture movers must always stress about being on time at all times.

If you were “smart” enough to pack your own boxes, then a furniture remover will go through all the boxes and items of furniture you have packed and put numbered or coloured stickers on them. The numbers or colours of these stickers will be noted down on the inventory sheet you created, or they created for you, in accordance with the items packed. There are two copies of the inventory sheet, one for you, the customer, and one for the movers. You need to check each and every item in the sheet and match them with the numbers or colours yourself to make sure that everything is in order.

Perth Removalists

The Moving Process

The furniture removalists specialize in shifting heavyweight furniture to a brand new location without any hassle. In a few cases, if the staircase of any house remains too narrow for bringing down huge furniture to the moving truck, they use crane and additional accessories to make sure those can be shifted without any scratch on it. For moving the small furniture, they use packing pads and other fillers to make sure the furniture remain in place. However, not all the companies have the right equipment and accessories to move huge furniture like piano, pool tables or spa sets. Therefore, it is mandatory to ask before you make the final deal.

  • Another vital job responsibility that furniture movers perform is securing all your packed belongings in the back of the truck. You might be of the opinion that a furniture mover simply stashes a packing box or a piece of furniture in the back of the truck and that is the end of it. But actually, a mover or removalist has to strap everything in with extreme caution, so that nothing moves around uncontrollably when the truck is in motion.
  • When the truck or trucks move, items stashed at the back have a tendency to collide with each other. This sort of collision usually causes scrapes or scratches, which can often be damaging as well as depressing. The job of a furniture mover here is to wrap all the packed items that are susceptible to collision, scrapes and scratches. A thick covering of blankets usually acts as a layer of protection and helps to keep everything intact, without damage, and scratch-free.
  • When the moving trucks arrive at your new home, the furniture movers usually unload all the boxes from the trucks and carry them inside your home or apartment. Some movers might also make it a point to place each box and each item of furniture in the right rooms so as to lend you a helping hand.
  • The job of the furniture mover does not end with unloading the goods. After the unloading process has been completed, the inventory list needs to be taken care off. Both the customer and the furniture mover will cross off each item or each packed box of the inventory list by coordinating the entries with the number of colour labels, so as to make sure that each and every box and piece of furniture has arrived at the customer’s new home, and has been unloaded.

Now that we have read about the job responsibilities of a furniture mover, let us now take a quick glance at the requisite requirements for becoming a certified furniture mover:

  • No moving company sets any educational qualifications as criteria for hiring furniture movers, but a mover should be able to read and write to be able to perform basic literary functions like creating and reading the inventory list.
  • A physical examination must be passed by all applicants to be eligible for being employed as a furniture mover. If any applicant is physically weak, then he is not allowed to appear for any further qualifying rounds. Physical strength is a necessity when it comes lifting heavy furniture.