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    Fremantle Movers are trusted removalists in Fremantle and Perth. With an extensive knowledge and over 15 years of experience in relocation, we are the most trusted removalists in Perth and Fremantle. We specialise in relocating people’s homes, offices and valuables, Fremantle Movers understand that every move is unique.

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We are one of the best removalists around offering an extensive range of home and office moving service.

Hire Fremantle Removalists in Perth For A Prompt House Move

Acclaimed Removalists in Perth for your House Moves


Are you relocating? Considering there are so many things to cater to, are things getting difficult to handle? Need help moving your furniture and belongings? Well, you are just in the right place.Based in Mosman Park, Claremont, Cottesloe and Perth, we have been dedicated to providing you with quality service at affordable rates. When it comes to stress-free, secure and seamless moving solutions, we are the one-stop destination for most people. We have always prioritised in making the transition from your current to the new location less physically and emotionally taxing. For our prompt service and extensive knowledge, we have earned a huge referral rate and become a trusted name. Today, when people are looking to move, we are one of the first names that comes to mind and that’s partly down to our hard work and a consistent level of high quality services.

These days, finding trusted removalists are hard to come by, but Fremantle Movers are the ones you can put your complete confidence in while being one of the choicest Perth Removalists. No matter how big or small a move is, our team is more than equipped to combat it in the best possible manner. Needless to say, we have always been committed to providing you with a service which is unparalleled. With good use of moving vehicles and equipment, we make sure that we implement every possible measure to facilitate a smoother and safe move.


Providing our clients with the same kind of service, irrespective of their needs has never been our forte. It doesn’t matter whether your house is small or big as we will make sure that we create tailor-made removals which suit your budget and needs.

As a homeowner, you will be aware of the fact that moving houses requires not only extensive planning but also a few set of capable hands that know what they are doing. At Fremantle Movers, you can rest assured knowing that your house move will be made hassle-free and methodical by experienced professionals.

Over the years, we have acquired industry best movers who are not only highly trained but are also friendly in nature. They understand the fact that moving houses is a stressful time and the last thing you will want to worry about is ensuring the same and secure relocation of your expensive belongings. Precisely for this reason, our movers in Perth ensure that the whole process is conducted in the most hassle free manner.

In the case of offices, it’s even trickier to relocate to a new location as people are more focused on handling clients and telecommunication transfers. In such cases, setting up furniture, planning the packing and transportation often takes a backseat. As a result, business owners have to deal with the delay in moving the furniture, missing and lost items which can hugely interrupt the workflow at your new office.

These problems, however never arise if you are backed by extremely trained house movers in Perth who are aware of the nitty-gritty of relocation. Let us move your furniture and that will give you ample time to focus on your business.
As one of the most trusted removalists in Perth, Mosman Park, Claremont and Cottesloe, we have always adhered to industry standards. Our vast array of positive client reviews is a testament to the fact that we consistently provide our clients with most efficient, professional and unrelenting work that we can. If you want, we can also provide you with referrals so that you can check for yourself how we have been able to satisfy our clients.

Fremantle Movers - Removalist Fremantle

Moving soon?

Whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, changing the pace or otherwise, Fremantle Movers would love to help you move.

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Fremantle Movers - Removalist Fremantle

Moving House?

If it’s time to shift your gear to the new abode, we can lend a hand or four.

Looking for storage? Hit us up about our Container Storage in Fremantle.

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Fremantle Movers - Removalist Fremantle

Moving Offices?

We understand time is money. Fremantle Movers will have you turfed out and back to your desks in a flash.

We can even pack your office up for you!

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Fremantle Movers are your local removalist in Fremantle and Perth

Fremantle Removalists

Call 1800 236 609 to let Fremantle Movers take care of your move!

Irrespective of whether you are moving offices or houses in Fremantle or Perth – We here at Fremantle Movers are there to help.

Offering storage and packing solutions we can take care of all your precious things and make your move smooth sailing.

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Casey Doyle

Casey Doyle

Fremantle Movers are fantastic. The guys rocked up on time, were lovely to deal with (funny too) and just made everything really easy for us! Thanks so much!

Jesse Buckett

Jesse Buckett

Great service, great blokes.

Samara & John Leake

Samara & John Leake

We’ve dealt with so many contractors moving house and renovating. These guys were a breath of fresh air. Professional and personable.

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